About Fit after 50


After my dad came down with dementia at age 90, I did a ton of research, and found that dementia, Alzheimer's, many cancers, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, etc., all are mostly preventable. All it takes is a lifelong commitment to regular exercise, a diet of fresh, whole foods, mostly plants, and maintaining a healthy weight. The purpose of this website is to convey what I learn, and hopefully convince people to make the commitment to do what it takes to live a long, healthy, fully functional life.

Who I Am

My name's David Schutz. After reading that 35% of preventable deaths are related o a lack of exercise and poor nutrition, I decided to do what I can to change that. I started this in 2017 with my wife's encouragement.


Fit after 50 exists to provide training, information and motivation to people so they permanently adopt a lifestyle that includes regular fitness, healthy nutrition and proper weight management so they live long, healthy, fully functional lives.

What We Do

I work to provide simple, clear, actionable information culled from the most reliable sources to anyone interested in living a long and healthy life. We can't change our genetic inheritance, but we can take steps to live a long and healthy life. 

Our History

I started this in 2017, and I work on this every day, when I'm not out exercising or prepping the next healthy meal.

What Shocked Me Into Action

I found the below chart on an NIH website. The second leading cause of preventable death for people 50 and over is "Poor Diet/Physical Inactivity (35%). This is massively depressing, and also a HUGE call to action.

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