Adopt a fitness lifestyle to add years and quality to your life.

How to Activate Your Personal Fountain of Youth

Everybody ages. Nothing we can do about that. The question is, what can we do to age gracefully?  Is there a way to activate our fountain of youth? In other words, what can we do to keep in the best possible physical and mental shape, for as long as possible? And beyond that, why should [...]

Fitness Over 50: Why Functional Fitness, Not Muscle Building, Will Help You Live Better, Longer

If you’re like me, when you turned 50, you started thinking about the second half of your life. Those thoughts may have ranged to retirement, financial planning, where you’ll live out your years, your bucket list… These days, life expectancy is increasing, so at 50, you’re on the second half of your life. How are [...]

What Does “Fit” Look Like? Challenging a Misconception Propagated by Internet “Fitness” Images

It’s important to be motivated to get fit, but sometimes the images we see on the Internet that show “fit” people may actually discourage some people. For example, Google “fit middle aged person,” and most of the images you’ll see are of people with lower body fat and more muscle mass than is actually required [...]

7 Tips for Healthy Shoulders

7 Tips for Healthy Shoulders Healthy shoulders are integral for everything from squats to military presses. It follows then that it’s important to keep your shoulders as healthy as possible. Here are a few tips that will reduce your chance of shoulder injury. Tip #1 – Warm-up Your Shoulders Prior to activity, it is important [...]

How Soon Before You Kick The Bucket? What Are You Doing About It?

Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand for a very long time, you know that your lifestyle greatly impacts how soon you kick the bucket. By lifestyle, I mean the choices you make related to your fitness, nutrition and weight, and of course whether or not you smoke. So what choices are you [...]

How to Start Running in Your 50s, 60s and Beyond

Like any form or regular exercise, running in your 50s, 60s and even above is extremely good for you. I’ll repeat this mantra over and over: being physically fit not only helps extend lifespan, but it also increases the chances of healthy aging, reducing the risks from chronic illness such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer [...]

Physical Activity: For Better or For Worse?

I doubt this will come as a surprise to anyone, but guess what? Getting fit at any age has positive benefits. Is that a surprise? Our bodies are remarkable resilient. Even if you’ve been a couch potato your whole life, if you get up off your you know what, and you do it now, and [...]

5 Simple Secrets for Overcoming Gym Intimidation

(BPT) - No one really relishes the idea of growing older and experiencing the health issues that can accompany aging. If there was one thing you could do to significantly improve your chances of staying mentally sharp, physically healthy and independent throughout your golden years, wouldn’t you do it? Exercising regularly is proven to help, but [...]

Breaking The Weight Loss Cycle

(BPT) – Many Americans are living with excess weight and obesity, meaning they have a higher-than-normal body weight for their height. With more than a third of the U.S. adult population affected by obesity, the marketplace is saturated with “quick-fix” weight-loss tips and unhealthy and unsustainable diets. Indeed, at the beginning of every year, favorite snacks are [...]

Physical Fitness: 5 Essential Components, 7 Dimensions

The simplest, most practical definition of physical fitness is "the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and to meet unforeseen emergencies."(1) You can consider yourself fit if you meet your daily energy needs; can handle unexpected extra demands; and are [...]

9 Habits Promoting Longevity of 100+ Year Old People

“What’s the key to your 92 years?” I ask my dad. He smiles, and says “Diet and luck, exercise and luck, and a whole lotta luck.” Well it turns out that there’s quite a bit of truth to that. We’re not all going to live to a ripe old age. That’s the luck part. You [...]

Tips to Start Exercising for Beginners

If you haven’t been exercising or have no habit of exercise, but you’re reading this, please stop right now and pat yourself on the back. In this article I'm going to suggest some tips to start exercising that really work. The first step to exercising is simply to start.  Don’t make it complex: any exercise is good [...]

10 Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Strategies

If you want to lose weight once and for all, than you don’t have to try different strategies and hope they work. Implement these scientifically proven weight loss strategies, and they will work for you. 1. Cut Back on Sugars and Starches The single most important thing you can do to lose weight is to [...]

8 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat

8 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat For men, if your waist measures over 40 inches, or if you’re a woman, and your waist measures over 35 inches, you have what’s called abdominal obesity. And if so, you should take steps to eliminate it. The question is, what do you do if you want to [...]

5 Essential Components of Physical Fitness

First let’s establish the essential components of physical fitness. As we get older, the definition of physical fitness most relevant for us is “the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy leisure-time pursuits and to meet unforeseen emergencies” USDHHS. So this isn’t about [...]

Exercise Over 50 – Making it Happen

Today the world is designed around sitting. It didn’t used to be. Now we sit when we drive, we sit when we work, we sit when we watch TV, we sit when we eat… If you’re not making a conscious effort of it, you’re almost certainly getting well below the 10,000 steps per day you’ve [...]

Rowing: One of the Best Exercises

Rowing may be the best exercises there is. Are you familiar with it? If not, the good news is that exercising on a rowing machine (or erg) is easy to learn, a great exercise for all ages, and great for new and advanced athletes alike. So what makes it so efficient? You’ll hear me repeatedly hail [...]

What Types of Exercises are Best for 50 and Older?

The benefits of regular exercise are far reaching, and include reducing the risk of many chronic diseases, improving the quality of your sleep and your mood, boosting energy, reducing anxiety and stress, enabling you to maintain your day-to-day activities, reducing cognitive decline, and raising your self-esteem. With so many benefits, why is it that the [...]

5 Best Steps to Maintaining Brain Health

How much do you know about Brain Health? Is it important to you? A 2015 survey yielded results showing over 90% of American adults consider brain health to be important; with 93% of respondents noting that brain health is extremely important. With those results, it’s probably safe to say that brain health is important to [...]

7 Common PREVENTABLE Aging Diseases

Did you know that heart disease, many forms of cancer, and Alzheimer's are preventable aging diseases?  I didn't. What steps are you taking to ensure a long and healthy life? Are you aware of how much control you actually have in preventing many of the most common chronic diseases? Did you know that most of [...]

The Surprising Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness

What is the most important muscle in your body? Your heart. So why is it that heart disease the leading causes of mortality for people over 45? The answer is simple: more than 30 percent of our population is entirely sedentary. Does that include you? If so, think about this: for most people, cardiovascular fitness [...]

Get Up. Your Life Depends On It.

If you’re like most adults, you spend the majority of your waking hours sitting down. Your typical day probably includes driving to work, sitting in an office, driving home and watching TV. Not much exercise there. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re also aware that scientists have found increasing evidence that lack [...]

For Us Who Want More – It’s Closer Than We Imagine

When we think of living a fuller life, top of mind comes more of something like health, energy, fitness, and sure to top the list for us who remember TV in black and white—a youthful look! What if having more was right out your front door? Seriously - it's closer that you can imagine. Studies [...]

How to Start a New Exercise

It took me almost 2 years between being asked to get in the pool, and actually getting into the pool. So when I decided to write this piece about how to start a new exercise, I drew on my personal experience that that starting a new exercise can be intimidating. Then again, just about anything [...]

Over 50? Keep Your Mind Sharp With Exercise

Do you want to keep your mind sharp as you age? Well it’s not difficult to stack the deck in your favor. Studies (1,2,3) prove that adopting a healthy aging lifestyle that includes fitness exercises such as walking, cycling or jogging on a regular basis helps boost brain power. The fact is, exercise actually stimulates [...]

The Best Exercises To Make You Younger

Cutting a few years off your life could return you to feeling better, give you much more energy, give your skin a more youthful look, and give you a sense of opportunity. But can you really do that? While you can’t change your chronological age, we now know the best exercises to make you younger, [...]

Prevent Injury with 9 Essential Functional Fitness Exercises

If you think about it, it’s simple and makes sense: the exercises you do should mirror the movements you make in real life. That's why functional fitness exercises should be the foundation of your exercise program. Why? Well, it relates to part of the goal we have here at Fit after 50, which is to [...]